The Material Culture of Lineage in Tudor and Stuart England

Résumé de la communication prévue dans le cadre du colloque

L’entreprise généalogique, Paris, 27-28 novembre 2014


Richard Cust (Université de Birmingham)

The Material Culture of Lineage in Tudor and Stuart England

This paper will explore the wide range of texts, artefacts and forms of decoration produced to celebrate gentry family  lineage and pedigree in Tudor and Stuart England. It will document and account for the sudden and rapid growth in these artefacts from the 1560s through to the 1660s and offer some suggestions for the reasons for their decline thereafter. It will analyse who and what was being represented and celebrated, and why. And it will pay particular attention to heraldic funerals, funeral monuments and decoration in country houses which were amongst the principal means of representing the central themes and ideas relating to genealogy in this period

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